March 2018 Ipsy Bag!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I know I missed February’s Ipsy bag, it was a short weird month with a lot happening work wise all I know is that I wasn’t thrilled with February’s bag and I am sad to say looking at March, I am not that thrilled with it again.

March 2018 Ipsy Bag

Starting off with what I do LOVE is the theme this month; create. The bag came with two markers that you can color the bag in with and we know I’m all about that! I also love the design of the bag, outlines of all different women. (Happy Belated International Women’s Day!) So lets, jump right in!

I’m going to start with a product I’m actually looking forward to trying, which is from Tarte. It’s their “Sex Kitten” black pencil eyeliner, I love the packaging and it’s hard to really get eyeliner wrong so I’m always thrilled to have mini eyeliners lying around since I do a lot of traveling!

Next we have a loose eyeshadow from the brand Sinister in the shade “Furless”, which is a greenish bronze pigment. And I’m not gonna lie, it looks super dark and dark dirt kind of colors with my dark hair and dark eyes doesn’t work. So I can tell you know, I’m probably going to give it to a friend cause I know I’m not going to like how it looks on me. On the plus side, it is a cruelty free product!

The final product for makeup in this bag is a lipliner from the brand Contour Cosmetics, in “No.3 Stud”. Now I’m not gonna lie, I hate the packaging. It’s extremely hard to read, its a gold tube (nice) but very pale pink lettering on the lid that says “CONTOUR” and then super tiny underneath “cosmetics” now because of that I thought it was a skinny contour stick since I couldn’t see the cosmetics. I didn’t know it was a lip liner until I read the SUPER TINY black lettering on the main part of the tube. I feel like if it wasn’t as reflective I would be drawn to this product more. But it legitimately hurts my eyes to look at it.

First up for skin care is something from the brand Skin&Co Roma and it’s their Whipped Cleansing Cream. It’s pretty self explanatory, cruelty free and as always I’ll give it a go and hope it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.

And our last product is from Skyn Iceland and it’s their “Pure Cloud Cream” which doesn’t irritate my skin and my skin has been so dry lately so maybe this will help! I’ve tried Skyn Iceland before and liked them. I do enjoy the name of the cream “pure cloud” so I’m hoping its a light cream that sinks in quickly without feeling greasy. And then it will definitely be a winner in my book!

That’s everything this month! What did you get in your bag? Did you like it this month?

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo


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