Fiction Friday ~ An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

Happy Fiction Friday everyone!! Today I want to talk about a book that I have a lot of feelings on… And that is Hank Green’s debut sci-fi novel An Absolutely Remarkable Thing.

an absolutely remarkable thing

Basically my feelings on this book are all personal; with that being said if you love science fiction you will love this book, if you love fiction you will love this book, if you love reading that captures your imagination and pulls you in from page one until you’re flipping the pages manically wanting more you will love this book.

Aliens, being an adult not sure where to go with her life and relationship, fame, fortune, humanity and so much more is in store for you.

When I really love a story I know it because I force myself to put the book down. I want to savor the story and extend it for as long as possible. I don’t want this world the author created and I’ve taken to to end. It took me three days to finish this book (the size and material of this book would take me a few hours) even though I wanted nothing more than to consume it the moment I got my hands on it. It’s captivating, horrifying (because of how truthful it is) and funny. Basically, you should all read this book, I promise you, you’ll love it.


Now, for my own ego we’re gonna dive into the personal reasons why I loved this book. But hey, it’s my blog so isn’t this what we’ve all signed up for? ANYWAY…

There has only been one other book that I’ve read in my life that when I read it I KNEW I had to be the one to tell this story (when they make it into a movie). That book was the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson, which my junior high English teacher told me to read because I would love it, she was right.

From page one of Hank Green’s book I’ve had the feeling that I need/have to be the actor to tell this story. I know it sounds ridiculous but have you ever had that feeling when you come across something so special that you have to be a part of it? Like it’s part of your destiny and/or much bigger than yourself but yet yourself is a piece of it? That’s how I feel about this book. I don’t think I can explain it, or I’ve explained it well. But when and if they make this novel into a movie, I hope to the Universe I can make it to that audition. Because this story is so so special and April May deserves to have someone to do her justice, and I really truly believe that that person is me.

So Hank, if you’re reading this please know that I love your story and I believe it to be something special. And if you give the rights of your story away to a movie studio, please throw my name into the audition pool.

If you’ve read all of that, thank you. You didn’t have to and I don’t blame you if you didn’t. All in all, I love this book and everyone should read it.

Until next time,



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