Spending Christmas Gift Cards!! (Ulta and Sephora)

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I hope you are having a great week so far! Last weekend I went shopping and spent some of my gift cards that I got for christmas this year and as always I thought I would share!!

xmas haul 2018

Let’s start left to right shall we?

Before we start I want to mention that the Urban Decay mini Primer Potion and the mini Origins treatment lotion were freebies I got from Ulta and Sephora respectively.

First up we have from Anastasia Beverly Hills I picked up their liquid lipstick in the shade “Stripped” which looks very pink in the bottle (but trust me it’s a light nude brown). I also picked up a liquid lipstick from Dose of Colors in the shade “Knock on Wood” which is a true medium brown. Both liquid lipsticks are matte and both are shades I haven tried before! I have tried the ABH formula before and I am a fan of it being super lightweight and long wearing but I haven’t tried anything from Dose of Colors before so I’m excited to give it a try!

Next up I picked a mini of the new Milk Makeup Kush Mascara because I have heard good things about it and I do enjoy Milk Makeup products, that aisle of doom gets me every time…

I then picked up a repurchase of my favorite and only perfume that I wear from Giorgio Armani in “Si” it’s my favorite scent I’ve gone through two bottles and one roller ball. This is nice because it’s actually a spray bottle!

I then picked up a mini size of the LaVanila The Healthy Deodorant because everyone always raves about this one and I haven’t given it a go yet because it’s kind of on the expensive side, if it works awesome! If not I have other natural deodorants that I’ve found that work for me.

Finally, my favorite product from this haul, so much so that I couldn’t wait to us it and it’s wonderful. I am a big fan of Mario Badescu products and this Ulta that I went into had the entire line on their back wall, I was in ABSOLUTE heaven. So I picked up their Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream for “tired” eyes and all skin types. It’s a thick green almost jelly/cream and it’s magic. I take a small amount (smaller than you think) and massage it between my two ring fingers and it becomes almost an oil. It’s the only eye cream that I’ve found that I actually see a result from. It was extremely affordable for an eye cream and I’m HOOKED.

And that’s everything! Phew! That was a lot haha! I haven’t spent this much money on makeup since like 2017! It was really fun to not need anything and browse the store and pick up whatever I liked!

Until next time,



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